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Georgia's Premiere 3-Day DUI School

Offering you convenient weekend classes for a low total cost of only $355.00.

The DUI School Program was created by Georgia Law to improve and promote greater safety on the highways and streets; to improve the attitude and driving habits of DUI and drug offenders; and to provide a uniform rehabilitative effort for those in need. GA law requires anyone whose driver's license have been suspended as a result of alcohol or drug related offenses to complete a Risk Reduction Program (DUI School) from a certified program, and show proof as a condition of reinstatement.

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Six hour Driver Improvement Program

Some judges in the state of Georgia may dismiss or non-process a ticket for a moving violation if the offender completes the 6 hour program.

If a Georgia driver accumulates 15 points within 24 months, the Department of Driver Services will suspend their driving privileges for 6 months. Completion of this 6 hour Defensive Driving Program is required prior to restoration of driving privileges. If a licensed driver accumulates 15 points within 24 months for a second time, within a 5 year period, the Department of Driver Services will suspend their driving privileges for 1 year and the completion of our 6-hour program is required. This course satisfies your 6-hour course requirement for license reinstatement.

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State and Court Approved Evaluations and Assessments

Redirect offers the cheapest Clinical Evaluations in the area by charging the minimum fee allowed, $110.

We may require you to provide documentation regarding current medications, information of past or present counseling sessions, treatment programs or Self-help group meetings (i.e.: Alcoholics &/or Narcotics Anonymous, etc.).

The evaluator will determine whether or not you are a candidate for any further counseling, and if so, will recommend a level of treatment to match your level of need.

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3 Program Levels To Meet Your needs.

We will work with you to find a class that fits your schedule and satisfies the recommendation made by your evaluator.

Redirect Counseling Services believes that alcohol and drug problems begin innocently with social and experimental use, and progress to abusive use and then to dependence, which is accelerated if certain genetic factors are present. We offer both educational and intensive Substance Abuse outpatient services based on individual needs.

Twelve-Step and other self-help groups are also highly recommended while respecting individual spiritual/religious beliefs. Drug testing is provided on-site for clients enrolled in our programs

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State Certified Family Violence Intervention Program

Talk with one of our intake specialist and discuss your past use of violence and set up your class schedule.

Our program is designed to help individuals take responsibility and accountability for their thinking, feeling, and behaviors. We offer gender specific programs serving males and females separately.

We offer classes on Thursdays for our MALE clients and Wednesdays for our FEMALE clients.  We have both morning and evening classes available to fit all schedules. Duration is 24 weeks - 1.5 hours per week.

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Shoplifting, Bad Checks, & Theft Intervention Program

Talk with one of our certified counselors to discuss your case and set up your class schedule..

We help adults stop their negative behavior through educational rehabilitation programs and ongoing support service. It is our goal to help build better futures for individuals, their families and communities, while reducing a serious and costly retail industry problem.

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Answers To Some Frequently Asked Questions

1Do You Accept Insurance?
No. However, we have the cheapest rates in our area. Our class fees are all inclusive, we do not charge for incidentals like drug screens (as long as you pass), certificates, blood work(not needed), or extra time with your group counselor 1 on 1 if needed. Compare our totals with other programs and you will see that we are consistently cheaper in all our treatment programs without sacrificing quality.
2When Are Your Classes Scheduled
DUI School and Defensive Driving You can check out our calendar here: DUI School Calendar. For all other classes & counseling, please refer to the schedules shown on the Payment Page for the service you are interested in taking.
3How Do I Enroll For Classes or Counseling?
Clients make an appointment to speak with one of our intake specialists. The intake specialist will talk to you about why you need a class, to make sure we are providing you with the correct services, and then will set up your schedule for classes.
4Does a Judge or Other Government Official Own Redirect?
No. Redirect is a family owned business that was started in 2001. You can check out Redirect's history and learn more about us by clicking this link: Read More.
5Does Having A Clinical Evaluation or Court Assessment Mean I Have To Enroll?
Not always. The purpose of a Clinical Evaluation/Court Assessment is to determine IF you need treatment and if so, what level of treatment is appropriate. There are several possible outcomes to a Clinical Evaluation/Court Assessment that range from no treatment to outpatient classes to a stay at a residential treatment facility.
6How Do Probation Classes Differ From Driver Licence Restoral Classes?
If you are a First Offender, Multiple Offender, or Habitual Violator: DDS looks at a five(5) year period between arrests to determine if you are a First Offender, Multiple Offender, or Habitual Violator. (OCGA 40-6-391) or the courts look at a ten(10) year period between arrests. Order of requirements: DDS rules state that you must do DUI School, Clinical Evaluation, Treatment, Interlock Device; in this order and there is usually no time limit for starting/finishing. Courts usually want you to have a Clinical Evaluation and begin treatment ASAP. Courts also usually restrict the time to enroll in DUI School, Clinical Evaluation, Treatment, etc. If you don't start/complete the requirements in the given time you may go back to jail.

3 Reasons To Choose Redirect

Friendly Staff

Our state certified clinical evaluators and counseling instructors have a passion for helping you improve your life by resolving any issues you may be facing.

Convenient Scheduling

Our class schedules are designed to fit outside most people's work schedules, helping you handle your responsibilities without losing time from work..

Covering All Your Needs

Redirect offers a host of counseling services to the South Georgia area: Substance Abuse, Anger Management, Domestic Violence (FVIP), DUI School (Risk Reduction Program) and Defensive Driving programs. Redirect offers convenient, low-cost, non-judgmental programs to help you- "Turn Right, Keep Straight."